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Been awhile since I have posted but I am not dead. I wish I could post here more often but sadly I been busy with shit like school and now gotta worry about college stuff lmao. Overall I been doing good I still got my job hangout with my friends a lot and I can drive. If I am being real I don't like driving and if I am going over 35 MPH I feel like a torpedo. But I rather be driving then paying uber also I can blast my music in my car so that's a plus. My birthday is coming soon so that is something. I don't know what I will do for my birthday I never did anything for my birthday I just asked for a cake and that be all. So I wanna do something special for my birthday for once idk I'll see though. I am def going to watch the FNAF movie with my friends and it comes after my birthday but gonna have to watch it after work but I think it'll set the mood since I get out at 8 PM. That's all I got for a checkup really so as always have a good night or good morning bye bye.


Hello I am back with another late late late late...... entry but I have quite a bit to say from the last time I was able to post. If you remember I talked about my trip to Japan and I went. And I must say it lives up to the hype of going there is so much to do eat hear the citiesand just see how beautiful it is. The plane ride there was fucking long I must say of a plane ride to Candana first for a layover then needing to wait forever because of delays but once we were able to go it was great. This is also my first time flying ever so the way to Canada was surreal of being in the air. Also, my ear drums popping felt weird but got used to it and did the yawning and chewing gum trick. Once on the way to Japan, the main thing was the flight time it was a 14 hour flight so it would take a while to get there in the first place thankfully I just slept the whole way through. Then landing there felt weird since I never thought I would be there for a while and was just a good feeling. Going through security wasn't bad it went by fast and they were really nice the main thing I was hyped for was the vending machines and there was a lot on the way to the hotel. It is more unique then what we have in the States of just soda but it also having hot cold coffee tasty energy drinks juice and not for bad prices it was the first thing I spent my money on lmao. On the trip, I spent most of my money on food and for good reason, it was really good and bought a lot of souvenirs for my friends because I said I would. Most of it was plushies and candy no food since I didn't want it to get taken it away most likely but the 7/11 food they had was really good there was this strawberry sandwich cream thing it was so delicious I would always buy it every time with other snacks to eat in the hotel. The room me and my friends got was pretty small we made it work though glad we brought a switch we played a jojo fighitng game, my friend did nothing but kick our asses but was fun. I have more to say but I need to sleep so have a goodnight or a good morning :)


Hello I am back for more stuff about my life. Things have been going okay I been doing catering at my sushi place and it's pretty fun I like it more than doing the take out orders if I am being honest. People are really nice and I enjoy talking to them about whatever they like to start convos and I enjoy talking to anyone really lmao. Besides that right now I have to do testing in March soon and it's going to be hella annoying but nothing I can do to avoid it. I just have to get through March and my trip will basically be around the corner and I am really excited. I might buy a camera before I go so I can vlog and take pictures of my whole trip. But that is all I got for today good night or good morning.


Wow I thought I would never post on here again but back again I am here. Sooooo it has been a while yes I missed you all but I am back and hopefully for good. A bit of a catch up with me is nothing really to be honest. I just still go to school and hangout with my friends. But I do hangout with my online friends some to name are Bee Keeper, Emie , and Cangus who are very lovely. I hung out and stayed with Cangus and Emie in New York for 2 days. They were amazing to hang out with miss you guys ♡. Uh besides that I just been working my job at a sushi place and it's great I am really good at what I do now. I was really scared before but everything is good now I love all my coworkers they make me happy. With that tho I only really enjoy myself at work. I don't really like staying home because how it makes me feel like shit really because of stuff I don't wanna get into. I hope updating and posting on here will get my mind off shit like that. Main reason I didn't post on here much was I felt sad and thought no one would care to read my boring life. I still think that now but we're trying to do better now it's hard but doing our best. Got a bit emotional and deep there for a bit but ignore it lol. Oh something exciting that is coming up is I am going to Japan for my spring break. I am really excited because I never had gone on a proper vaction,out of the country, or on airplane. So this trip is going to be really exciting for me since it is all new to me although it is a school trip I don't care since I am going to Japan with my school friends and well I am going to Japan lol of course I am going to be excited. That isn't until April but I just can't wait. That's all I got to say for today but until next time have a good day


I'm not dead lol but I've been busy with a lot of things in my life like get a job and sadly I haven't been able to update this has much as I want to but also there has nothing else intresting going on in my life. I'm gonna try to work on this site more and put more to the blog but for now have a goodnight


I forgor to post so hi I'm back. So nothing much hasn't happened this week yet but it will be my spring break soon this week it starts on Friday. I don't know what I will be doing but hopefully something exciting but I doubt it. The only major thing I can really talk about is that I stood up for 26 hours on Saturday it was very funny. When I slept it felt great. Also bought "Call Me If You Get Lost" vinyl and will ship out tomorrow so I am excited.

Is all I got to say for now so as per usual have a good day.


Woo, I remembered to post today. Today was just kind of a blur at school where I slept in class then it was just over, it didn't feel like a Friday today though. I need to stop sleeping in class but I sleep late because of needing to finish my homework that I put off because I was busy with something else or I fell asleep then needing to stay up to finish my homework. Besides, that school was boring I was awake for 3 classes but I did hang out with people after school. It was nice hanging out with people but I'm always thinking about something else in my mind it is happy or sad thoughts. My mind just likes to wander a lot and I hate that a lot but what can I do. Oh yeah, my spring break is next week so hopefully, I have some fun things to do over it that I can post about it here.

That's all I have to say for today so have a good weekend


Yesterday I had a lot of fun with my friends. I didn't expect to do anything that day. I was probably going to go home and just nap all day but it was fun hanging out with my friends. We did some dumb shit like skip to our friend's house but it was fun and funny to do. Also nice going into a friend's house I haven't been to anyone else in a while so it felt weird going to someone else's house. But their house was nice and we had fun kicking around a soccer ball.

We also would later go to Costco to get Costco pizza and some cookies. I forgot how good Costco pizza was and was crazy that it only has gone up by only a dollar. I'm sad though I couldn't stay more because I was tired and it was only a Wednesday but felt like a Friday because of how much fun I had.


I went to New York yesterday and it was pretty fun. I got there about 9 and left around 5 for how long I was there it felt long unlike other times I go. I hated how fucking windy it was in the morning but it did get better later in the day. I went to this nice looking Korean barbecue place the food was really fucking good. The bill for what my friends and I got was all that bad we thought it be like 200 something but it was like $130 for the 4 of us. Besides the really good food, I also bought some new clothes and new converse shoes. I would have bought more stuff but there was nothing else of interest but there was this cute ice cream store that served ice cream like a rose. Overall my trip was really fucking fun even though I go to the city a lot I still enjoy going no matter how many times I have gone.


Happy April Fool's day, it says gullible on the ceiling.


I haven't thrown up again since the last time I posted so I feel amazing. Thankfully I am not sick so my plans won't be ruined this week. I'm planning to go to New York with some friends so that's going to be fun to do. We're going to go to generic places like Time Square and Bryant Park but I got some places for us to go. The main thing I am going to do when I go is to buy new clothing and shoes since I want new stuff to wear and make nice-looking fits. Also going to be taking pictures of New York and me and my friends with my polaroid camera. Using my polaroid camera to take pictures has been my favorite hobby but the film is expensive since 8 pictures are 16 dollars. But I'm really excited to go on this trip since I don't do much on weekends.

To whoever is reading this have a good night or good morning :)


Man, I've been feeling like shit a bit. I threw up twice today for like no reason. All I ate was pizza and drink water I don't know why I did but I might go to the doctor about it soon. Hopefully, it isn't anything at all because there is shit I wanna do this week but if it gets worse I am going to the doctor. I might try to stay home from school for a few days or not because my parents don't let me stay home much but I am going to try.

I need to rest so goodnight and have a good day.


I finally got this working and I am really happy how it turned out. I am going to be using this to talk about what happens in my life I might rant every now and then but I doubt it. Also probably gonna use this to share stuff that I find funny or wanna show something that I enjoy. Besides all of that recently I been feeling alright. I just been spending most of my time either playing games working on the site or spending time with friends.

Working on this site has been enjoyable so far and I can't wait to add more to it. It's gonna be nice that I'll be able to post about my day on here so hopefully this week I will have some stuff to post about. Till then have a nice day. \( ̄▽ ̄)/

p.s. also please ignore most of my spelling and grammar mistakes I fucking suck at writing

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